by Peter Marus

What did I do this weekend....

Went and saw "Sin City" Sat. night. What a great film. probably one of the most violent movies I've seen, but it had some good story lines in it. On top of that, it's a rare R movie these had nudity in it just to have nudity!!! The way it was shot was great, it was almost like watching a moving comic book.

Today, My cousin, dad and I replaced the fence in back of my house. First it was an adventure to get the fence to my house from Home Depot. My hand went numb from holding the fence to the roof of the van (it wsa tied down, but it wasn't steady). It actually went pretty smooth putting it up, just tedious because of the uneven ground and the telephone pole right where the fence goes. After a few hours it was all done adn I took a nice nap.

boring eh? well that's how my life is!!! Sorry I have no rant/problem to write about, maybe later on I will, who the hell knows.