by Peter Marus

-I got to get a DSL line in this house, it's getting nuts trying to download things...I cant' download any pits form Ron and Fez or O&A. I can download music and such (LImewire kicks ass for this BTW), but it takes a little bit. I did get the Pat O'Brien voicemails off the net (the uncensored version). Probably the funniest damn thing I've heard in a while!!!! Nothing beats hearing a coked up, boozed up, horney guy talk about every nasty thing he wants to do to a chick (and in a couple messages, to TWO women..Pat keeps the pimphand strong!!!)...but isn't that they way a man should talk to his woman??? HAHAHAHA And what a crock that interview was last night...typical post rehab whining and maoning "oh, that wasn't me, that wasa different person." "I didn't run to rehab because of the tapes and all the facts coming out...", etc. I wish the guy well, but I hate the fact that his thing is being exploited (both by Viacom, the owners of his show), and himself.....I bet in one year he'll be back to the booze and Drugs (I bet Heroin, he'll want to kill himself from all the stress and bullshit he'll have to endure from everyone).

-I mentioned last night about the pissing contest on the messagboard at so I won't retell the stupid story. Well it seems that now a lot of people arent' talknig to me now, but I also get a ton of messages from people supporting me (all the old school ESC members, the people I usually hang with). On top of all this, I get a message from someone telling me to watch my back..well isn't this a nice pile I stepped in just BY STATING A FUCKING FACT!!!! Ah well, at least I got some people there who got my back, wish the leadership did, I I can't say anything about that since they never return my messages about my suggestions or what I warned them about with this situation potentially getting a whole lot me, there's a real good chance things can get FUBARED and the group could get kicked out.

-I rather not get into the other thing (about my waiting for info on someone I care for). I just dont' want to dwell that since every senerio has been rolling around my head...

-Hey did you hear about the bombing of the UK's offices in Midtown??? I woke up today hearing about this bombing infront of the building where the UK consulate is....turns out some fake grenades with gunpowder in them (like a M-80) was thrown at thei building and the "explosion" damaged a whole pot where a tree is planted, and a coulpe windows.....but if you saw the first reports without pictures, you'd think the whole goddamn building came down!!!! And this whole thing tied up the streets and trains for like 10 square blocks....wonder if my cousin's wife was pissed off by that (I think her train goes right by there). Seems the hubub has doed down for a bit....I keep thinking if this was by the Israeli consolate, every cop in this city would be questioning everyone, and the national guard would be stationed outside their offices, since the Jews in the city gets a lot of preferential treatment in this city, You should see the police presence in front of a Jewish center/synogougue on a Jewish never see the city/state/ Federal gov't bend over backwars to protect the Catholics do ya!!! I'm not against the Jews or racist in anyway, I just wish they realize they are a religion not a race (technically, the race they are is actually Middle Eastern...ironic aint' it!!!!), and they are no more important than me!!!!