by Peter Marus

Tomorrow starts the weekend, and so far I have nothing to do tomorrow or Sat. night. I was supposed to have some relatives over, but they cancelled tonight. Eh, no big deal. Either way it doesn't matter (I only knew they were going to show up since last night).

I found a cool way to kill time: Online poker (don't worry, I'm not using real money!!). Found a site where it's free to play, and I have bene playing for quite a while tonight. I'm starting to like Texas Hold 'em. I watch it on TV, it's like the bowling for the new it's just funny to watch some dude get housed in about 5 hand on these shows!!! The game is fun to play, though I'm still learning, I'm still enjoying it.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I plan to...but with what I plan on doing, I may not remember what I do!!!