by Peter Marus

I don't know why, but this whole weekend was a mess for me. Some plans never came through, but that was not really a big deal considering things weren't really set in stone. Some things went on like planned but were cut short, but at the same time things went ok in the end. One thing that really ruined my day was when I was talking to someone, and they did something I really hate: when they want to bring up part of the past, since I really don't want to talk about my past. The part of my past that was brought up really upsetted me, I am partly glad it was brought up so I can see what happened then, and now I can learn from it. Only thing is that it's a hard fact to take, since I more or less learn that what I do and I think is right is wrong, VERY wrong. But alas, I will learn form it and try to correct it. Maybe one day I'll write about what I think is wrong with how I handle certain things,, but who knows since that would be really opening myself up.

Funny part is that I did get a few things I needed done anyway this weekend. These were a few things I needed to get done, and it felt good getting my mind on something that had to be done. One of these weekends I should just shut myself off from the world and get myself together, maybe take a week to get things done. Also the idea of just taking a week and driving somewhere secluded has crossed my mind, but we'll see about that.

Right now I'm looking into re-doing my budget to help myself figure out what is going on with my money. It's a slow process, but it should materialize soon enough. I need to figure out real numbers as far as expenses and then see what is going on. All I know is that this week part of my money is going to go to a Wii, hopefully I will get my hands on one this week.

Ok here's some positives in my life, getting some fat cash from my tax returns. Most is going to savings, but part is also going to fun. Also starting Thursday my health benefits kick in. That makes me really happy and feeling ok