by Peter Marus

One of the few things I've been finding real pleasure in lately is listening to podcasts. I've been getting a bunch of them for my ipod, and they are really cool to get news, info, or a simple laugh. Some of the ones I am subscribed to and get on a regular basis are;

“Patrice Oneal show-Coming soon”-funny, raw video podcast but the comedian. Lots of profanity, and some really rough subject manner, but probably one of the funniest things I make a point to watch now.

“Mac|Life”-the magazines official podcast and a good source of Mac news

“Smodcast”-done by Kevin Smith and Scott Moser (of “clerks” and “Mallrats” fame) just about random stuff. It's a pretty cool geeky thing, but there's a level of intelligence to it that makes it cool to listen to.

I have a few others that aren't really updated, but if you want something o listen/watch on the way to work or for a interesting way to get info, check out podcasts. Itunes have a ton of them and they are free to subscribe to.

Speaking of podcasts, I've said I was throwing around the idea of making one just for shits and giggles. Still not totally against the idea, but it would just be me rambling on for a while about inane it'd be like this blog but in audio. The only way I would even do it is if I can find someone I can converse with for 15-60 mins (doing it by myself would be creepy-if you ever heard my voice, you'd understand that I could potentially lead to some putting a noose around their necks or a gun in their mouths) about whatever, make it somehow funny, and would be willing to do it once a week.. then there's the whole minor thing of actually doing it on my computer(could record a Im audio chat as one way of doing it), and figuring out where/how to host it and set up the RSS feed.