by Peter Marus

Wow what a Sunday. I was cold, wet, and numb, but goddamn it was a fun time. I went to the Redbulls home opener at Giants stadium and it was a blast. I forgot how much fun it is to go to a live game, especially now since more and more people recognize me and are more friendly for some reason to me. Maybe I'm finally getting some respect for the time I've had with the ESC, or they just don't think I'm as big of an asshole. I met some new people and it was just a good time, something I've missed. I haven't felt this good after a game in a long time. Some of the game I would go to, leave and feel really horrible and down for some reason, almost to a point where I questioned why I was even going. For some reason today everything clicked, and hopefully it will continue.

Just wanted to say this before I forget to write it tonight. M voice is shot, but I am just mellow and feeling good right now. Weither or not you care about what I wrote here tonight (or any night) means nothing to me, and some do write back commenting on my stuff (and I appreciate it), and I hope it continues and even more write back to comment on what I write here. I know a bunch of you read this, especially after some go running to my family to make sure I'm not suicidal, so hopefully you'll grow a sack and come to me to tell me if you like what say or if I”m an asshole...not that it makes a difference in my life, but it would be interesting to read/hear