by Peter Marus

For some reason, I bought the new Green Day Album last night since I do like their work. I listened to it most of the day today, and I am not totally sure what to think about it. It's not a bad album, but part of me thinks its a bit dated, where it was just a continuation of their last album. The last album was great, but it also helped that it was against the current administration in power. The recent administration isn't like the old one, but these songs seemed to be more to the older crew. Also what bothers me is that Green Day to me seems like they are trying to be Pink Floyd, with all the themes and gimmicks for entire albums. Granted it's not as self centered as what "the Wall" was, but it still feels like they want to be more storytellers than musicians.

I know that they are a really Liberal band as far as their mindsets and politics go, which sorta hurts my experience listening to their last several albums, but I can respect and appreciate the message they are trying to put out there-just I ain't buying it. Rage Against The Machine sort of had this affect on me as well as far as their politics went, but they were about change, where Green Day comes off as whiney-something that is in common with most of the youth the past couple generations so that may answer why their album did well. I don't know, I'll give it a couple listens more but I am really not sure about this album

Side note, seems more and more Green Day are stealing melodies, like on their last album I distinctly remember the stealing the melody from "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, and there were a few on their new album sounded a LOT like other songs. I could be just me, but then again Zeppelin stole a ton of music.

Finally, I was listening to some station on the radio, and I noticed everyone has that computer effect on their voice now. It's the digital version of the Rock Box. It doesn't make the pussification, emasculating lyrics the "singers" are "singing"-seriously, don't ever follow these loser's lead and what they "say/sing", follow mine and that's how you become a real man women can respect and want. all the words that come out of their mouths are crafted to push the agenda to make real men extinct

I really hate the effect, first it hides how much these "artists" suck, and it hurts my ears when it's done the ENTIRE song when it's added to the super digitized frequencies the music is created in. At least when Peter Frampton did it (and who should ONLY be allowed to use the Rock Box), it was different-he did it only for parts of songs, and when everything was analog, the effect was bearable to ears.

In short, if you are British music legend who had flowing hair on the cover of one of the highest selling live albums of all time-if not the highest-use the rock box effect all you want, you make millions happy with it your way, on top of the beautiful guitar work. If you aren't and are one of these "studio Gangstas" that look like nothing more than a crew of twinks and/or date rapists, do us ALL a favor and take you poppers in "da club", and go into the mens' room and be the "party favor" you are only good for. Your pre-written songs about love, where the moral of it is how you are going to be the bitch of the relationship suck, and without the miracle of Pro Tools, you'd be serving me my lunch or pumping my gas.....or just breaking houses and cars.

Thank you and good night, FYI the soundtrack as I was writing this was KMFDM, Das Efx, Franz Ferdinand, Green Day...good, wholesome music for the kids.