by Peter Marus

I was going through some old files and crap in my documents folder tonight, and I found an old email I got from someone about a year and a half ago, and this person wrote:
"I don't need you as an emotional rock, I don't need you to be anything other than Pete. Just Be Pete."

I read this and after I sat here thinking....What the hell did/does that really mean? I do remember all I did at that time was be myself, and it didn't work out...I think that's the best way of putting it. After mulling over the question for a bit, I realized that's just someone in a long line of people that didn't want me to be me in the end. Like I said about jobs goes along with people as well. If someone wants you around, they would have you around. Those who don't want you around are simple just another piece of trash on the side of the road that is life.

After that pondering, a commercial for the new movie "Valkyrie" was on the TV. I did notice that it's coming out on Christmas. I'm not sure that when I think of the birth of Jesus I equate that with Nazi Germany and Hitler. Then again Tom Cruise does think he IS Jesus in that glorified Sci-fi convention/posi scheme called Scientology.

And in case that last part did offend anyone into Scientology....well good. What's the worse that's going to happen? A lawyer comes to sue me? Please, my job now involves speaking to lawyers and they don't scare me with their big words. Well they do talk tough until the ambulance drives by their office and then the phone conversation suddenly ends with them screaming "KA CHING" and hanging up....

Anyway, I also tried to help out someone with gift ideas for his nephew. I suggested the "My first Meth Lab" given where his nephew lives. I suggested this also after I was given a description of what his nephew looks like, and he sounds EXACTLY what a hayseed from PA would look like. I say hayseed because I learned my rules about geography from the great mind of Ron Bennington-between NYC and LA, other than Chicago, is all just farmers/hayseeds/rubes. He also said dessert is part of the meal, but that's another thing to delve deep into. Put it simply, where he lives, they just got that awesome music called Heavy Metal, and they are really enjoying that new band Judas Priest. What is the response to my idea? I quote the text I got back: "Ass"

Facebook is interesting. I found a ton of old High School classmates, and also a ton of ESC members. It's cool and also amazing seeing how people have changed over the past 12 years (12 YEARS?!?!?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!! I'M GETTING FUCKING OLD). I'm still wading my way through the site, and it's been a learning experience.

now for some mashup videos I found. sorta related, the great radio show that's so good they only have to do one show a month, "Lazlow show is on again Jan 3rd: