by Peter Marus

This isn't going ot be as deep as some of my other entries, it's just something to kill time and just talk about a couple things I've thought about lately.

First Tonight is the Mega Millions drawing, and I got my ticket. I usually get a ticket once or twice a week, because you never know. I was thinking about what kind of a millionare I would be if I ever won. Would I be a humanitarian with my money? would I just cut off everyone and go live my life elsewhere? I am not sure. I figure I would probably end up acting like one of my favorite bad guy wrestliers of all time, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase-but sans the shiny outfits he once wore. If you never seen this chaacter, look for him on Youtube for some of the bits he did. His character was an evil millionare throwing money around to get what he wants or to embarrass others for his pleasure. One of my favorite bits was when he said to a little kid he would pay him $100 to bounce a basketball 15 times. When the kid got to 14, Dibiase kicked the ball from the kid to make him lose, and it made the kid cry. It's still one of the funniest things I've seen a bad guy do in wrestling. If you ever get a chance search this guy on the Net, especially if there's video of his bits, real comedy. This is the guy I'd probably be. Another thing Iwould have to do is hire a “sevant” like his character had, and I would actually make the guy wear the shiny sleeveless tux.

His character was one of the biggest assholes in wrestling, but the interesting fact is that Dibiase is actually a devout Christitan that not only does tour to preach and speak to people, but also has a small wresling group to also help spread the word of God.

On another note, I'm watching G4 TV, the digital cable channel devoted to videogames and other things. One fo the shows they have had on for a while now is “Ninja Warrior.” Not sure if I ever mentioned it in the past, but it's a Japanese gameshow that is 4 stages, each stage is an obsticale course that participants run through to see who can finish the entire course. It's almost impossible to do, and I think only a cople guys have done it. It's an interesting watch, and even more interesting when the show talks about the cult like approach the gamesho has had. Many of the participants train all year for a shot, even so far as to build some of the obsticales to train on.

NBC is making another version of American Gladiators, one of the best game shows ever. I still watch the old ones on ESPN classic when I catch it. The new one is supposed to be the same format, but updated. Usually when “updated” is used, it means “made shittier than the original”, but I guess that will be determined in a couple weeks. Seems like there is a market now for remaking old shows/movies, though most of them are horrible. I'm not really big on remakes and I will alwys go back to the originals, especially with comedies due to the PC police ruin original jokes and just pussify the humor. I did come up with a short list of shows I'd like to see remade though, mostly because they can't be any worse than the garbage that is brought out these days:

“The Fall Guy”-show about a stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter
“Simon and Simon”-polar opposite brothers that open a P. I. company, and hijinx ensues
“Remington Steele”-chick detective gets a thief to at like her ficticious partner of title name
“Hunter”-police drama series that helped make the Dodge Daytona a hot car

All are crime/police dramas I understand, but then again during the 80s. that's all there really was to watch that was intersting. I can thin of other shows, but those are shows that are special to me and it wold be wrong to see them destroyed in a remake.