by Peter Marus

Fun with Youtube people!!! here's some videos I've found on the site. most are probably NSFW, so you may want to wait to get home to see these.

Ghetto Sleds and what they used to do with them-featuring Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis:

Best of Tyson:

Rob Paravonian's song "He's got coke"....who hasn't had this happen to them?

Another reason suburbia is a problem and proof why the terrorists thinks we are asses:

As funny as this is, it's almost exactly how commercial/terrestrial radio censors songs:

The Desert Eagle, and how funny chicks with guns can be:

and Lastly, some hardcore rap straight from the streets...of toronto?!?!?!:

On a side note, what was funnier: how many Black kids thought this dude was legit before the video came out, or the faces of shock of said Black kids when the video did come out?

and a response: