by Peter Marus

Well, Let's see what's going on:

-As far as my life goes, things are going great. I haven't been happy like this in a long time. Things just seem to be coming easier to me, and it seems like (although I shouldn't say this) my luck has started to turn for the better. I hope this last for at least a little while longer.

-Now for things I've noticed. First I love to follow the media and what happens within it. CBS fired a bunch of their employees after it was disovered that the story about the President and his National Guard duty. For those who don't really know here's a breakdown as to what network leans to what:

CBS-very liberal company, and Dan Rather is known to HATE the Republicans and will always take a chance to make it known on air. This is also the network owned by Viacom, the company that's "edgy, and revolutionary with their programming on TV or long as thair legion of lawyers rape and edit the hell out of it to make it bland and safe from offending people, and then repeat it 5 times a day if it's a hit." Otherwise the real good programming they have (south park, anything on Comedy Central) fors on at odd hours so no one can really see it and hence complain.

Fox- "the fair and Balanced" network....well balanced as far as they are on the other side of CBS and are ultra conservative (borderline facism). But here's also how they make "fair and Balanced" work, they will make programming so smutty and simplistic and taseless, then have their news channel condemn the shows to hell for their lack of morals.

NBC-I think they are the most neutral of all of the networks, but sometimes they go a little too liberal sometimes (watch the "West Wing", that's the best example I can give). their news channel has some good shows on it, and their news programming tends to be the most comprehensive as far as their reporting (that's nationally, but here in NY I can't stand it, always makes Whitey wrong for everything)

CNN-Liberal to almost communist levels!!!! But they also somehow do the best job...mostly I think because they do a fantastic production of all their work ( amazing attention to detail). They can't be beat when it comes to their international coverage, but it's still comeing from a one-sided view.

ABC-I think they are more liberal than neutral, but they are also a more family oriented type network, so they could be neutral since family oriented shows tend to be conservative. I just know their news coverage (both nationally and locally) is very good and I tend to watch them the most (if I'm not watching NBC's cable channel). Then again, this is the company who's CEO at the time was at the company's then owned baseball team's ceremony when they won the World Series in a suit jacket and a MICKEY MOUSE T-SHIRT!!!! Not that affects their attitude, but I just think the guy was insane and so did enough stockholders who got rid of him last year...

-You got to love it to see a 6'11" hick stand up in front of a room filled with reporters and apologize for shoving a cameraman who was about a foot shorter than him the day before. I almost thought he was going to break down and cry...and to think he's going to have a whole lot more cameramen and reporters to throw around when his old-ass arm breaks down, and he has to take the brunt of why "duh Jankees" didn't win a title for some reason their bandwagon fans think is their birthright.

But in Queens, there was bliss and happiness as the Mets showed off their new toy that will be a centerpiece for their new cable channel. This is the second big signing they made, and it's odd that their cheap-ass owner would spend money on GOOD players. I have a theory here about how all this is working:

1. The Met's new cable channel is going to be owned by the Mets, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast Cable

2. Both TWC and Comcast don't want to see this channel fall on it's face when it's launched since they are going to be putting many of $$$ into getting it together and getting programs to put on the channel

3. Comcast and TWC help the Mets by "investing" money into the team that happens to be enough for them to sign Martinez, Beltran, and potentially any other start they can get.

In actuality, this is a good business move. Why not help out one partner that will be bringing the bulk of the content to the station you and your other partner will air. the cable partners will make it up in subscriber's fees (both what they will charge their subscribers, and what they can get form Cablevision and the Satillite companies) and advertising rates. Unless the team goes 20-142, there's almost NO WAY anyone in this cable station deal will not be at least break even after 2 years.

I think I wasted your time reading this enough...until next time