by Peter Marus

Spent Saturday at my cousin's son's communion party. Damn I'm old. all of my cousin's kids are all teenagers, and apparently they all got all the good looking genes. It was nice, but also sad considering I realized how little comunication I have with these people. I felt so lost at this event. So I did what most people who feel uncomfortable at a party does...sit at the bar and take advantage of the free booze.

Sunday consisted of me hanging out doing nothing. eventually I went out to run my model car for a couple hours. At dinner time, some assclown kids decides to play baseball infront og my house and they break the stormdoor window, shooting glass all over my portch and living room. For the rest of the night I not in a good mood. I hope those kids don't show up near my house again.....

I haven't seen or read anything really interesting, other than the highlights of the Metros beating Colorado Sat. night in the snow (would have loved to watch the full game, but thanks to a bunch of morons that run the cable channel and system, I can't). Oh yeah, Mets decide to have the wheels fall off in DC this weekend, but they're still in better shape than the Yankees!!!

Have to thank my cousin Ralphie and his wife for the computer program they gave me Thursday night (and have to thank them for A LOT they have done for me, they didn't have to do anything for me). I also got to see the damage he was telling me about in his bathroom due to his upstairs neighbors' and buildings' ineptitiude. Apparently, a pipe broke upstairs and it leaked into the walls on my cousins bathroom and really did a number on his wall. Think stucco, and you got an idea of what his wall looks like (on top of his medicine cabinet just about to fall and the mold). THis has been going on for a couple weeks and his building (co-op building) and the neightbors have done NOTHING to fix it....needless to say he's been in a bad mood, and hopefully it gets fixed soon and he doesn't have to pay out anything, but sucks he may not have a bathroom to use for liek a week since they probably have to take out the walls at the least (he already pays a maitenence fee, and this is in the walls, so he shouldn't have to pay more to get this done)