by Peter Marus

Last night, I couldn't sleep. So I decided to put down all the things I"m grateful for, being that this time of year you should be thankful for what you got. Here's some of the major things I'm grateful for:

My Parents - They gave me life, and sacrificed a whole hell of a lot for me and my sister (especially when it came to the surgeries for me eyes and ankles.) I may have not have done the right thing all the time and I may have disappointed them a few times, but they have shown all the unconditional love that you would expect from parents, but much more than that to me.

My Family -I am thankful that I have a family that shows me the respect and love one deserves, even though we may differ greatly in our opinions. The fact that they do tell me what I should do or whatever they do or say to try and help me shows that they care for me. I am grateful a famlily that is opinionated as they are, it makes things fun at get togethers!!!

I am also thankful to have three particular cousins in my life. Butch, Ralphie, and Paul have always pushed me to do my best no matter what. Paul was always the one in my life to give me the calm, rational advice on things, even if I wanted to hear it or not. In he end, whatever he said usually ended up being right (just ask about the last Election!)

Butch, my cousin and Godfather, always helped me look at things in the most simplest way, whiched helped me solve a lot of things. He always makes the most complex things look simple, and he has always been supportive of whatever I chose to do, good or bad.

Ralphie, who honored me by making me his best man at his wedding, has always been my "go to" guy when I needed help. All I have to do is call him and he hears me out and helps me through my problems. He had a way to make me see the answer through humor , which helped lessened the tension and anxiety, which helped me tremendouslywhen coming upwith a solution.
My friends - I have gained and lost a lot of friends in my life. They, like my family, have supported me and helped me out of problems and issues I had through gestures and words. I don't know where i would be without them. Everyday, my friends are there to listen to my inane BS, and they would listen without teling me to shut up. I can't name them all here, since there are a lot of them, but all have helpedme become who I am, and I'm thankkful for that

With all of these people , I owe them all. What they have done for me was beyond what they had to dofor me. I would like to repay them all for what they have done, I doubt that I would be able to, they have done so much. I am thankful for everything in my life, especially these people.