by Peter Marus

Yeah, I didn't post Sunday, I was busy getting things done, and also going to a birthday party. The party was a dinner at an Olive Garden (which to real Italians is a restaurant that is almost as offensive as Taco Bell is to Mexicans). Overall the dinner was a good time, and the food was surprisingly good. I guess the Irish in me liked the food. I did notice one problem with their menu though. hey suggested a red wine with a chicken platter. But a good time was had by all.

Now on to two attention whores I can't stand. First off I'll talk about big Al Sharpton. He's in the news again pimping out an ex-girlfriend of an alleged victim of a cop shooting. I REFUSE to refer to Sawn Bell's chick as his widow since they weren't married. If you haven't heard about this non-story, This Bell guy and his boys were having a bachelor party in a club that is so known for shady activity, cops are surveying it. They all leave apparently all uppity over something that happened in the club, and allegedly some of the party was screaming they were going to come back and bring violence to other club goers. Needless to say, this raises the attention of the undercover police, and they spring into action to question the individuals in this party. Seems like some in this party allegedly have something to hide, and they freak out. Part of this freaking out involved almost hitting the cops with their car after the cops apparently identified themselves as cops. See, when you try to hit a cop with a car, you tell the cop “I am trying to hurt/kill you” and this does gives cops the right to use deadly force. The cops allegedly did, albeit maybe too much, but they were justified. Sharpton and that attention whore chick that didn't get her wedding raised so much drama and ruckus that they tainted the jury pool and led the trial to be without one, with the judge giving the final verdict.

If/when the cops get off and freed, This chick only has herself and Sharpton to blame for it, since their actions and protests to try to get sympathy for these thugs (who by the way, have criminal records of some serious felonies), led to the justice system to do what it had to do to ensure that a fair trial happens. Even if the cops are guilty, I hope they get acquitted so that fat slob that DARES call himself a “man of God” gets another loss in his record of ruining people's lives for his profit. Hope that medallion he used to wear somehow gets embedded into his skull by one someone from the black community sick of him setting them back decades every time he opens his mouth.

Now onto the other stain on this world that needs to disappear: Ralph Nader. So this moron decided to run for President again...WHY?!??!? He has no business in the race, and Obama already has taken the “vague calls for change” stance. And whenever he ran, he's always help those for the people he truly hates: big business. I honestly think he needs to have a mental evaluation. He's going to go out there, make a fool of himself, and use money he is gong to get form people who think he's got some sort of idea what he is doing. Granted that they have the right to, but still seems like Nader is going to be wasting other people's money.

I can never understand how he is a champion of the “little people,” when his wins to get things safer has led to prices of cars and whatever Nader chose to target as unsafe to skyrocket. How is that good for the “little people”? I also just cant' stomach seeing his stroke face and that twitching eye of his on the news, taking away form legit political news. One thing that is going to happen, is that he would be excluded from the debates, because the news people would agree that he has no right being in a legit political debate, and you'll hear about all these liberal douches petitioning to get him in, and the court would get involved, making the political process look like a circus. This will also happen in states that refuse to put him on the ballot since no one would vote for him.

Look, I am for more people involved in the process and more people in the race, but when someone who is a two time loser, who has no real platform to run on, and never seems to take this whole thing seriously, it makes the process a joke. i would feel the same way if Bloomberg would run.