by Peter Marus

I don't know if you have read, the mayor of Belmar, NJ. Is in trouble for writing something bashing Staten Island people, and the “guidos” who come into town over the summer. Is it just me or does a Jersey shore town bashing Staten Island feel like a retard getting into a fight with an Autistic kid? Much like a fight between those two, in the end no matter who wins, I'm still better than either one. Speaking of comparisons that are true, another comparison I heard over the past day that has stuck with me was done by comic Mike Destefano on Opie and Anthony yesterday. He said the war on terror has been like “When an asian guy hits us, so we go beat up a Puerto Rican. It makes no sense.”

How good does it feel that Jessie jackson is more and more being proven out to be a fraud? First it was his “Hymietown” remark that proved he's anti-Semitic, now his tirade about Obama, where he dropped the N-bomb and threatened to rip out Obama's nuts. I don't know about you, but Jackson seems to be a tad angry that on Obama's worst day, he is still 1000 times more popular than Jackson has ever been.

What's with the Homeless and God? All the homeless I see are always thumping a bible, spouting off some verses or psalms, or just babbling how he's found God. Well, apparently God hasn't found them, since I think God has some stroke to help get these bums a job or house. Still it is fun to see what lack of mental health makes possible.

Saturday is the Red Bulls/Galaxy game. I'm going to it only in hopes to see either Beckham or Landonpussy suffer a compound leg fracture, and see kids and women weep. that would be pure comedy to me.

No video this entry, not in the mood to look for one