by Peter Marus

Just putting some stuff up here since I am bored:

-First, anything grilled on a charcoal grill always tastes better. I don't know why but it just does.

-Why don't people recognize the band Sevendust as one of the best bands in rock today? And I mean real rock, not that pussy rock like Nickelback. Give Sevendust a listen to and you'll see that the contrast of the hard guitars and melodic vocals are amazing.

-More and more this city is making life impossible for the common man. NYC just enacted noise laws that more or less makes it illegal for a dog to bark at night. On top of it, Mister Softee isn't allowed to play his music when he's parked to tend to business. It's things like this, and the rising prices/taxes, on top of the falling salaries (cops barely make $25 grand when they start now in the city) that makes me think maybe I should look elsewhere to live/work. But that would mean I need to save up to do, and with how process are I can't do that. Catch 22 I guess...

-All this soccer going on, and all my teams stink!! The Red bulls sucked las night, the US national team were ran through by Argentina in the Copa America (though it's a young US team, they should have done better), and the US U-20 team struggled against South Korea, a team they should have beaten, but at least hey got a point out of the game.