by Peter Marus

I am writing this on Halloween, and I guess that sign I put out front about certain laws and how illegal it would be for kids to come to the door is working (HAHAHAHA that's a Pedophile joke, laugh and enjoy). Haven't seen a brat come to the door tonight, and I can care less if any show up. I already did the Halloween thing last weekend, so tonight is just another night. One night around creepy, scary, ghouls is enough for me. the party last Saturday was fun, even though I had to dress up in a costume. I am one of those that isn't into dressing up for Halloween, I figure that I'm too old to. Anyway I pretty much half-assed a costume and it turned out ok.

Today was a day off for me. It was nice to sleep in and get a small rest. I am glad to get it since now my workload increased 20%. Yep, they added 3 more floors and they are in another building 7 blocks from the one I work in now. SO you see, the lesson is that if you work hard, all you get is more work. I don't think it's going to be a huge problem, since I only have to go there every couple hours, but if i am busy in my building, it could add to the stress. Yesterday was such a day, but if it's that bad on the worst day, I can handle it for the most part. The whole situation at the other building amazes me. It's two pantries to take care of, and the guy did NOTHING. My boss showed me pics of the place before he spent Monday cleaning the entire place, and I was disgusted. The stains all over the place, the dried up milk in the fridges, and the coffee pots were black on the inside (we have the industrial ones used in diners-the aluminum one that hold a gallon and a half), it was so bad in them that my boss said when he was scrubbing them with the solution the burnt coffee peeled off the sides. I handle 11 pantries that are on 9 floors, and at their worst under me, they were nowhere near as bad. Its still new, so there's still time for things to go to hell, but after that things should be fine.

Speaking of my building, my new co-worker and I are getting a long so far. Since she has been put in here, things have changed as far as my responsibilities a bit. She handles most of the cleaning and I am more the supplies end. Things have been changing and when this was first in place, I was nervous about it since it did show some things I have neglected since I was the only one in the building and now the morning guy. But after a bit I realize this was done more to help me, not punish me. Some things I haven't done well, and now she's here to pick up the slack. So far things are not so bad, hopefully things stay that way.