by Peter Marus

I don't know if you haven't heard about this story, but it's been in the news the past couple days. it's one of those stories that proves how big of pussies this society is and how people can't stand up for themselves and they bitch and moan because their feelings are hurt.

A radio DJ on Long Island made a joke about a town on Long Island called Mastic implying it's an area of poor people. He asked a woman on the phone if the pipes froze in her trailer, and if she won the contest she was calling in for, the entire trailer park would be proud of her. Well, the town got a little upset and they are trying to get this guy fired. The DJ apologized for the remark (but shouldn't have, it was his right to say what he said), but the townspeople STILL want him fired. So a couple people got their feelings hurt, and now they are going to try to get a man fired.

Let me paint the picture of the area this guy made the joke about. It's in a part of Long Island that is between the Nassau/Suffolk county border and the Hamptons. In this area, you get a mixture of white trash, carnies, and just real hayseeds. Sure there are some nice areas there as well \, but if you ever drove out that way, the nice parts are all gated communities, much like the castles in the UK were set up to keep the savages out. Mastic is a town that is known to have kid-touchers and just real trash living there, and oh by the way there are a lot of trailers out there as well. I have driven through the area a few times and it's like having a third world country not far from your house. If you have a tourist from West Virginia that is feeling homesick, you could take them out to this part of Long Island, but he'd even probably think that its even too low-rent for them. I can't put into words how much of a hellhole this place is. I have family out that way, and if you met them you'd see they fit the description of the average sociopath that lives out there. The rich douches that go out to the Hamptons must get nervous being stuck on the Parkway in traffic when the sun sets, hoping it doesn't turn into a scene from “the Deer Hunter” or “Deliverance” (on the bright side for these people, the sun sets late in the summer time). Anyway the point is that the Dj stated his opinion on the area, and was somewhat accurate, and he's going to be punished for exercising his free speech, and god forbid try to make someone laugh.

By the way, despite what I just said about the Island, I'd put my trust in someone from there before I put my trust in someone from Central Jersey again, which is like the worst part of Long Island, without all the class. Granted trusting someone from either area is like asking me if I want to slam my nuts in a car door or a house door. Both areas has this odd, fucked up mentality that makes no logic to me. I have two good reasons for why I will not trust anyone from central Jersey: one was someone who fucked over my cousin and friends by taking the money for a trip they all planned to go on and disappearing, and not being heard from since, claiming a breakdown. the other reason is because I put all my trust in someone not once but twice, and getting played like a fine instrument, the second time I was like a lamb led to the slaughter, handing myself on a silver platter.

Both do have something in common: both think the “Gotti kids” look is the in thing. That faggoty I”m a guido look that involved a horrible fake tan, a “Dragon Ball Z” type haircut, and an attitude that they are somehow tough yet would piss themselves if a real man got into their face is somehow universal in the suburb communities. If there's one bright spot if the terrorists win, is the end of this stupid trend