by Peter Marus

Last night at the Beer Garden was a fun time. It wasn't as crowded as it was the last time I was there, but there was a good crowd out there. It was supposed to be a guys-only thing, but someone had to invite their chick, so they all came along as well. Despite this, it turned out to be ok. I didn't get to be as obnoxious as I wanted to be. to show you what I mean, this is what I emailed some friends about who iI was going to b (yes the name is “drew”, that was going to be my alias):

“Well Drew will let you stand next to him, just that Drew demands you do not look at Drew directly. Drew will allow you to speak to Drew, provided you address Drew in the proper way where you ask for Drew's time, and also say thank you after Drew is done speaking, because you should always be grateful for any knowledge that Drew gives out to the less fortunate. Also Drew asks that you do not stand so close to Drew, since Drew does not need or want anyone messing up Drew's chi.”

Yes I am an ass, but I find it funny, and I make others laugh so it's all justified. but to show how much of a good guy I am, I had to play surrogate hubby last night for my cousin's wife, since my cousin had a tummy ache and could make it. I made sure it was all good with her, and even got her home (Hell, bonus points for me that the right Filipino chick was delivered!) I got there and everyone else was showing up later than I thought. Eventually one person showed up, and that was after I was a pitcher deep. Eventually everyone trickled in, and the party was on. Had a good amount of beer, and some kick ass food (their food is awesome). We all leave, and eventually I got back to my cousin's, and realized it was almost 3 AM (damn time flies when you are having fun).

One thing that happened last night really blew my mind. A lot of those I was hanging out with were telling me how much they enjoy reading this stuff. They were telling me how they liked one entry, or how they found another one really funny. I don't look for compliments from others, I don't desire attention from others, that's not why I write this. It was a nice feeling to hear all that. So I guess I have to thank them, and all that read this who haven't talked to me about all this. I appreciate those who do read this thing.

Oh, just to shut up one of my more rounder friends, he came in all pimped out in a fly-ass cape, and had all the interns form his job who were there for a going away party all over him...but still didn't even get close to get anything.