by Peter Marus

It’s that time of the month again. This Saturday on XM 202 and Sirius 197 the Lazlow Show hits the airwaves. I’ll be listening to that, and I bet more people will be listening to that than watching De La Hoya-Pacquao fight. Face it people, boxing is a dying sport, and they have no one to blame but themselves for the promoters and organizations for messing it all up. People like to call the UFC and Dana White a bunch of assholes, but they protected their promotion and built it as the premier MMA promotion that most consider the best. Sure that second-rate Tapout wannabes can try their promotion with their one decent fighter, but Affliction is going to be out of business soon and that paper organization WAMMA will die soon if it isn’t already.

Next weekend I will make the trek to Newark for dinner with some in the ESC. I did it last year and I rocked. We went to a Brazilian restaurant where the food was awesome and plentiful and the price was pretty good too. This year though I am not going to the indoor soccer game after it, I’m just not into the indoor game.

Still have a tattoo in the future, and I’m still figuring out what exactly I will be getting. I have one idea, but just have to make it cool since when I came up to it, it seems a little hokey and not so cool. It’s also important that I get it right since it is supposed to represent something special to me, much like my other tattoo means something special to me.

God Bless Sean Avery. He said the best thing one can say about an ex and who she dates, and it sucks he’s getting his balls busted for it and will probably get punished for it. I wish he were still on the Rangers. He’s what a hockey player should be, but with the pussies in this society that wants everything family friendly, these guys are going away. Here’s the video:

and some more great hockey vids:

how the “Avery rule” was born

more Avery:

why the Avs-Red Wings rivalry used to rule:

old school brawls:

That’s it folks