by Peter Marus

So this is the first blog post I am doing with Apple’s Iwork09 suite. It’s a nice setup. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as MS Office, but it works pretty well. I just wanted to write and see what it was like.

Also have to plug Lazlow and his radio show. His next episode is Sat, March 14th. So Sat. night I am going to stay in, maybe drink a couple beers and let Lazlow, Big Wayne, and Reed Tucker entertain me. Yeah, I”m slowly turning into a shut in. I should write about that stuff another time, when I have time to figure out those thoughts.

I got some great news from the tax man today, I am getting a sweet check from both the Feds and the state. it’s enough to really put into motion my plans for a Mac Mini in my living room. I still have to research quite a bit to make sure I know what I am doing, but I will be able afford the project. And not only that, i also have enough to put into saving s as well, which quite honestly is the more important thing to me. On a side note, I did use my Apple TV, which ironically would be replaced by the Mac mini,and rented “ghostbusters” tonight. I’ve heard a lot about the game coming out for it, and I jsut had a “bug” to watch the original. It wasn’t a HD version of the movie(blu-ray version comes out soon though), but the quality was very good. Also it seems the version Apple has is the one with updated sound from one of the DVD releases. ALways a good movie, and I found enjoyment. On top of it, the rental through Apple was $3. I was disappointed they didn’t have another classic I wanted to see again. Apple didn’t have “Used Cars.” If you haven't seen it, shame on you, and go out now and look for it to see. You’ll find it funny as hell.

Finally before I go to sleep, and just to remind you that “the Lazlow Show” is on tomorrow night at 9 on XM202 but you can get mp3’s of the show and the box set of all his shows on, He had audio of this drunken hayseed ranting about current events. Here’s the rube’s Youtube channel, and it’s funny to see what happens when mommy and daddy are also brother and sister.

here’s his channel:

and the one guy’s rants I like better-drinking with Bob: