by Peter Marus

I survived the first RBNY home game of the season. I got a sunburn on my head and face, and from all the standing and jumping, I couldn’t walk after the game. With that and my Arthritis, I got home sat down, and couldn’t get up for three hours. I am either getting old, or I’m just not in shape for soccer season. I have contemplated for my health I may have to stay with baseball. Not much jumping and being obnoxious at a baseball game than at a soccer game.

This week Penn State gets to fight to see if they can be number 66 in the nation. They are in the NIT semifinals, and I’m may be going Tuesday night. I got to see about tickets and where some people I know are going to be, but it should be interesting. Hopefully Penn State will beat the scum from Notre Dame.

One thing that did upset me Saturday night, besides the Red Bull fuckup that led them to only getting one point rather than the three they could have gotten, was a commercial I heard driving home. It was a chemical dependancy program which says they can scientifically end someone’s addiction in like a few days. What got me was the shot they took at some programs with the line “Who has time to go away for 28 days, and to do what? talk and pray?” I’m not a person in any program, I haven’t had an addiction problem, but I’ve known a few recovering addicts. That line pissed me off because what this program is not just offering is a “quick-fix” to a problem, but it also goes along with the fucked up mentality of this country where the person doesn’t have to take responsibility for their actions during the addiction caused-it’s always someone/thing else’s fault. Programs like AA make the person take responsibility for their actions and man up to the pain and damage they did. They have to go to the people they hurt and apologize, they have to do right where they did wrong. And above all, they have to accept and deal with the ramifications of what their addiction caused.

Personally, if anyone goes to this program where all they do is get shot up with some chemicals and pop some pills, they are still a coward and a scumbag for still running away from their problems. If someone what’s toe “get clean”, it includes cleaning out their soul and personal shit they have damaged and destroyed, along with their physical bodies. God bless those who go through the programs where they have to be broken down and rebuilt, that shows real courage and balls to me. Anyone who doesn’t complete this task is a coward and deserves whatever pain they get or even death. Same goes for anyone who tries this “quick-fix”.

Bottom line: you want show you got balls, go the AA/program route, if you want to still be a coward and a scumbag, do this science program.