by Peter Marus

I hate the warm weather, I feel so lethargic. The whole day was a waste, I just felt so bogged down with the heat and humidity.

Ever felt like you missed your calling? I have felt that way the past couple days. I feel as if I should have become a writer in some form (and maybe I won’t feel as if I wasted four years in college). I keep thinking that I should have gone into journalism or some writing major. People tell me that it’s not too late to change your life, but I honestly don’t know how I could do that. Maybe that’s why I write here. Maybe this is just some way to live out that idea that I should be a writer. Maybe someone will stumble upon this and find my writing skills are OK, and offer me a job or something….but I’m sure that’ll happen after the 5 feet of snow hits Hell!!!

I’m also thinking of getting out of nitro powered R/C. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but sometimes it’s a pain in the ass to run (have to be outdoors and at a place where I won’t piss people off), and it can get really messy. I have an electric car I’m dying to run, but I need to sell the nitro car in order to have the money to get the battery charger, and other electronic equipment. The electric car I can run indoors and isn’t so loud (I know a place where I can race this car and it’s not too far from me, unlike the place where I could run the Nitro car)

This week, my dad’s off….so that means he’s going to have various projects around the house. I hate when he’s off, he never tells me what he is going to do, and he gets pissed if I don’t help him (God forbid I have other things to do). But it’s also my moms’ birthday this week, so I have to get her something (probably a couple lotto card she loves to play-she’s a pain to shop for!!!)
Now let me wallow in my room…THE HOTTEST ROOM IN THIS DAMN HOUSE!!!! I don’t just say that, it’s true…my room is at lest 15 degrees warmer than the other parts of the house!!!!