by Peter Marus

What a great couple of days!!!! First I kick ass on my tests and interview at this temp agency (oculd hear back tomorrow about that), my family finally hias digital cable in the house (and I get to see Fox Sports World, the greatest soocer channel around), and tonight, I got to watch the Boston Red Sox pimpslap the Yankees to take them out of the playoffs!!!! yeah it's only to get into the world series, but the Yankees are like DC United to me....I hate them, and everytime they fail, the world is a better place (on the other hand, if they do well and win something, the terrorists win) Now if I had someone special yo share my good luck with, then things would be complete!!!!

Hopefully this weekend is also full of good luck, the Metros start their playoff series with DC Scum, just sucks that Metros have first game at home, since it's the home-and-home, total goals series, they have to make sure the Scum don't score this weekend....because away goals sount twice if their total goals is tied after both games.

Still this good fortune bothers me...I mean, it's all good now, but it's only down from here right? or is this good luck a reward for all the BS I went through the past couple years??? I ain't saying anyhing more...don't want to jinx it any more than I may have now!!!!