by Peter Marus

Saturday night, I saw the worst movie I think that has ever created. It was called “RoboCop: Prime Directives-Crash an Burn.” It was the late night movie, so you know it was awesome. This had to be a straight to video movie, since no one in their right mind would put this dreck into a theatre. From what I gather as far as the plot, since I was more in shock at the shit I was watching, it's about RoboCop helping some three chicks rebel against a crazy OCP scientist, who was rebelling against everyone himself with a mega virus that can kill humanity. On top of this, the scientist has his own RoboCop (but is a black guy-because you have to have a black guy in the movie), who sometimes wants to kill RoboCop and these three chicks (who look like soft-core porn stars), but sometimes is friends with RoboCop. This film made no sense, and I'd love to know who was the moron who invested his money seriously thinking “I'm going to make a killing on this flick!!!” Steer clear of this garbage, you will feel better about yourself.

Yesterday was a big day for auto racing. First was the Monaco Grand Prix for F1 racing. It's an interesting race to watch. First it's considered the biggest race in F1, but it always looked like crap considering it's on a street course that always look second rate. Being the race course is based on the streets in Monaco, it's ultra narrow, and there's no real racing or passing. The only passing is there is during pitstops, and that doesn't make for good racing. Then there was the Indy 500, or as it has been known lately, the Danica Patrick show, and some other racers 500. It's nauseating how much ABC and IRL is hedging their bets on one woman, that is almost as overhyped as Anna Kornikova, but at least Patrick did win one race. Overall it was a good race, but I thought ABC would have shut the production down after Patrick crashed out. Stories with agendas aren't interesting, and could turn off many people. Sorta like the Galaxy and Beckham and how all that is shoved down the throats of those who follow soccer. I honestly didn't see the NASCAR race because “Recount” was on.

“Recount” was HBO's movie about the 2000 election and what happened between Election day and when Bush was declared winner. I thought it was a fair showing of what happened. All of the acting was top notch, and if there is only one reason to see the film, see it for Denis Leary's work in it. He was really funny as hell. I”m sure HBO will be showing the movie over and over again, so there should be no way not to see it.