by Peter Marus

Hope all that read this had a happy thanksgiving. Mine was quiet but nice. It was a little different since I didn't dwell on the negatives and just let things go as it went. Later that night or the next day (I don't remember exactly), I got a message from someone I wrote to give a few words of encouragement to, since his wife mentioned what was going on in their lives. It was one of the few times I have written to him, I usually talk to his chick. Well after saying what I said, he responded with some nice words and that made me feel good. Personally I didn't think what I wrote was all that empowering or profound, but I guess it does make a difference. I also realize that some of the ramblings I do write/say here and to people do make some form of a reaction. In fact I have an email from someone that I read everyday actually, partly so I don't do what I did to make this person feel as angry as they did when the email was written-the rage I felt from it really got my attention, but also just to remind me that whatever I do or say can affect others. This guy who wrote to me the other day actually said I should write a book with my knowledge. I doubt it would really work though. First all it would be is just borderline drunken ramblings that I would probably admit to some sort of crime I could be brought up on charges for, or it would somehow be looked at as some manifesto for others to follow, and do you REALLY want more assholes like me around??? Sure I can be nice and all that, but those who know me closely understand why having more than one of me would be a BAD idea.

I did buy something over this weekend, a new shredder. I got one since the one in the house only does straight strips, which I don't feel totally comfortable, and I just like the convenience of having one under my computer right at my feet. So like a kid with a new toy, I went through all my paper work this week and shredded what I didn't need. After finishing up with that, I was looking for more to shred. It's something with people they get something new to play with, they have to get as much satisfaction as they can from their new toy. I really am a jackass.