by Peter Marus

"Little Big Planet" is still an amazing game. I turned it on for the first time in a while, and the amount of creative levels online astound me. I am so intimidated to even try to create another level. I downloaded the "Metal Gear Solid" costumes and level set, and how the developers came up with a fun, creative set of levels just amazes me the power of creativity-you know, the thing most people are trying to destroy in this world? I could spend hours going through the levels out there, and there are some damn good levels, granted there are some real crap levels as well. If you haven't tried this game, please do. it's a game you can't leave feeling good.

One game that has not made me feel good is MLB 09 for the PS3. It hasn't made me feel good because IT'S NOT HERE!!!! I ordered it through Amazon, since they gave me a nice price break on the game where with shipping it cost me as much as buying it at the store with tax. It was shipped UPS, and the website said it would be delivered today. Well on the site most of the day it said it left the Long Island City site to be delivered. tonight when I got home I checked again, and it still said that. EIther the snow storm affected deliveries today, or they are taking one long-ass route to my house. Well, later on the site said they couldn't deliver and they would tomorrow. I"m pissed, but given the storm this past week, I can sort of see how they couldn't deliver on some of these streets,

Finally I am thinking of getting a Mac Mini and putting it in my living room. I am thinking of hooking it to my TV, and have that as my media center and not the Apple TV I have now. It also would be another computer to use in my house, where I don't have to go to another room to use. I could put the TV show in PIP, and check my emails or surf the web during a game looking for some info. My plan would be to hook the mini up via HDMI, which would mean I would need a switcher since both HDMI ports are used. Or I could try to hook it in via the monitor port on even component ports. I wouldn't need a backup hard drive, since I would probably stream all my media from the Mac in my room via a wireless ad hoc network. Along with sharing the media, be able to access the other files on my Imac. I wouldn't do what most do when they have a Mini as a media center-use it as a DVR-since the Satellite receiver already does that. As far as a keyboard/mouse, I would simply use the wireless ones I have now, and get wired ones for my Imac. What do you guys think? Any thoughts and/or advice?

Then again this is all dependent on how much I get back from my tax rebate. But after seeing the new specs on the minis, this idea started swirling in my head again. Plus the Mini is inexpensive and just looks cool