by Peter Marus

SO as I said in the past that I got the Flip Camera and I love it. It fits in m pocket, easy to use, and has an hour of video storage. The other day I put the video I shot on my Mac (via the built-in USB connector that fold into the camera), and decided to try the newer Imovie on my Mac for the first time. Up to now, I’ve been using the version before, Imovie HD. The newer Imovie is different. I won’t say it’s bad, I do plan on using it some more, but I might stay Imovie HD because it reminds me of the more professional editing programs and seems to have more tools than the newer Imovie. I understand the newer Imovie is made for “more accessibility”, but they could have added more features for those above dullard in their editing education. At least Apple is cool enough to keep Imovie HD available on their site.

I thought of some two good games to play to pass the time. First is done on the train. When you get off the train and standing on the platform, and just after the doors close, point to someone in the train and either laugh or say something really offensive and see what reaction you get. Sometimes it’s fun. One night I did it to a guy on the train and he lost his cool, screaming and banging on the glass as the train moved away. Another fun thing I found is to go to an apartment building or any building with an intercom system at the door, and just call up random people in said building and just say some nasty stuff about one person in the building. It’s best when you know the person you are doing this to. Doesn’t have to be anything really bad, just something simple as “Why does the guy in (insert apartment here) have kids in his apartment even though he is single? Does he run a day-care service?” or “Hi I have to drop off this cover-up for the woman in (apartment), could you come down and take it for her? Sorry, I wouldn’t be asking you to do this, and I know this is inconvenient, but if she knew to keep her mouth shut once in a while she wouldn’t need this makeup.” Or you could also say “which apartment has the cheap coke? (apartment a) or (apartment b)?” I usually go to (apartment a), but since he got that test back positive, I don’t feel safe going in there, especially with all the used needles and small confused boys with no pants on.”

OK, here’s a site I found you all may like: