by Peter Marus

Once again, I would like to tell you people with kids, if you think you matter when you are blocking a fucking stairway with your brat and his stroller as there is a wall of people trying to get down off he platform, then you have no right to complain if your kid gets punted down the stairs due to your stupidity and bad parenting.

This came from tonight, where I have had it with my train stop. My train station is over Roosevelt Ave. here in Queens, and to get onto the platform from the street is to climb up one flight of stairs to the first level of the station where the Metrocard machines and the booth is, and then you go through the turnstile to one of the two sets of stairs that lead to the train platform. Well the geniuses of the MTA took out one of the flights of stairs on the side of the station I end up on when I come home. During rush hour, the amount of people on the train is a tad high, and having al these people funneled into one narrow stairway makes it a tad annoying, especially when the trains are running back-to-back and a train arrives when there is still a crowd of people going to the stairs.

This is where the fucking asshole parents try to pull their "I have a kid, I am more important" and won't stand aside and wait for the crowd to die down. These selfish pricks use their kids like a shield, or a battering ram if there is a stroller, and try to push through everyone else. Now, some parents do show they actually care about their kids and do stay to the side, but the ones who don't-who have the skills in life of a savage-don't care about their child by putting them in danger where they could be dropped down a stairway or crushed. these are the same parents that want society to parent their kids so they don't have to teach their kid what's right or wrong, which ruins life for adults who were raised right. I just think when I see these "parents"-especially mothers since it goes to show having a kid doesn't mean those maternal instincts kick in-I think that seeing the kid they are carrying is close to falling due to the situation, a couple of months ago if the mother fell down these same stairs there wouldn't be this problem, would there?

ANother thing that got me tonight was watching the news tonight was about Africa and the disease in the continent. Seeing this stuff made me realize I have NO sympathy for the people there. They like to say that they are the birthplace of humanity, but it seems like they sure as hell haven't moved past that part. European countries tried to improve the countries there, albeit there were some negatives to it, but the Africans drove them out because they wanted to run things their way. I wonder how many people there wish the Europeans were still running the show. I"m sure the Europeans, no matter how fucked up some of the things they did, were angels compared to the savages that are the warlords and generals running things now. The Europeans didn't get off on mutilating the women and just hacking up some random person on the street. It staggers me how much money that is poured into the countries there and nothing is done. It's almost like having the MTA running the entire continent.

Just like most people I have had to deal, why should I feel bad for them with that won't do anything to better themselves? If people want change, they will do it or at least get the ball rolling to get changes done.

cheerful post, huh?