by Peter Marus

I actually got asked about my blog today. They kept asking me why I don't use it like everyone else use theirs. I think he means that I should use my blog like the people who think their reporters and just post crap to get attention. There are people who do cool blogs (read any of the ones by the people ar MSNBC, really well done), but these jounalism school dropouts think they have the same status as legit members of media. I read half these "reporters", and I can't shake the image of these dateless, buck-toothed, morons sitting in their basements with aluminum foil on their heads (so the Gov't can't read their thoughts via satilites), jsut writing things out of their asses, saying to themselves through their retainers "gee, onche people read thish, i'm shure to get laid by that shtar treck babe when she shees how famous I am after people read thish". Sorry people, the only BS you'll see on this site is MY BS. And I don't sit here and think what am I going to write here that will put out Gov. on it's ear, I have a life, unlike a lot of the bloggers in this world (Oh and for the record, I have been doing this before blogging was cool).

Now, on to why people claw and fight to the death to read this...ME!!! I put a new resume on, and I already have one interview from it. I go Tues to Westbury to interview with a finance company. What the hell do I know about Finance?!?!?!? Who cares, they want me to come interview with them. For all I know, this could be the type of finance my ancestors in the old country used to do (where legs are collateral type stuff).

Other things in my life are doing well, just lots of emails/ecards. Hopefully this weekend will be more than just communication on the internet, maybe actually on the phone or in person, but given the situations the past couple weeks, I'm glad we're still talking!!!

and now, go back to your lives.