by Peter Marus

The past evening has had me bashing my skull in as far as my website. I finally got it up onto MobileMe and got it linked to my domain name, and it looked HORRIBLE. On top of it, the address was a mess. So after trying to get it to work, I decided to really look at some other sites to host. I know some people have offered me space for free to host my site, but I found a place called that looks like it will suit my needs.

I've heard about the site and their service through Leo Laporte and his netcasts, and I looked at the site tonight. They are part of that "cloud computing" phase-where everything goes into a central spot to be stored, and you can access it from any computer. Their site has all the tools to build a site, and it's so expandable, the possibilities are endless. Their price structure is pretty flexible is where you can start at one level and expand it as you go- if your site gets bigger you can seamlessly expand the bandwidth and storage size. I also like that not only I can build a personal site with my resume, links to all the things I support and enjoy,and whatever I feel like doing, my blog here can be transfered there. So I can keep all my old posts if I wanted. I am not sure if I will but it's an option. I'm going to sign up to their free trial, mess around with it, and see what I can do.

One big hurdle I have-I need good pictures of me. All the pics I have of me and have seen of me are not good. My cousin and his wife have pictures of me holding heir child, and I look like a real creep in them! I got to work on that...

Another tech note is that after the whole wedding thing, I scanned the license into my computer as a PDF, and thought about taking all my important files and scan them into my computer. Then I am thinking of putting them encrypted onto a disc or a thumb-drive and put them into a safe deposit box. God forbid something happens, I'd at least have a copy of the important documents.
This is something all of you should consider doing, just to be safe.

Finally, I have to pour out a little from my 40 for a true pimp and playa-Billy Mays. the dude can sell anything. Hell, he got me to buy a "Big City Slider maker", and it does work well. He was part of a great show on Discovery that really showed how these God-awful commercials really are made. I think Discovery is showing a marathon of the show called "Pitchmen" on Wed. and I will be recording them. As goofy as he is on TV, he seemed like a decent guy who really didn't let all they fame get to his head. Sadly he died, and the Meth-head selling Shamwows lives, beating hookers up. Funny thing is I was told someone I know wanted to be Billy Mays for Halloween. It's still a good idea, just hope he goes around saying "ow my head!"