by Peter Marus

I am not saying anything, but it seems all the hard work I have put in is finally starting to pay off. I got a new person working with me at my job, and a lot of the burden I have had at this job is coming off my back. It's a weird feeling having a new person in my building working with me that's not going to be moved out in a couple weeks. It's also weird that now my job is going to be as “normal” as everyone else's. Another good thing is now I have consistent hours now (11a-7p), instead of Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, 12-7p, and Wed. 7a-7p. It's going to be nice to not have to worry about getting up early on Wed morning.

I hate thunderstorms now. I used to not mind them, but I get creeped out when one happens at night, especally since if gives me flashbacks of Dec. of 2005. When the thunder cracks over my house at night, it all but guarantees me not sleeping that night

Ever find a band who you couldn't stand in the past that you can now at least appreciate their work? I'm starting to do that with R.E.M. I always thought of them as pretentious asses that, like “10,000 Maniacs” and Dave Matthews Band”, thought they were too cool for the room and their music was the only thing that mattered in the industry. I have been hearing more and more of R.E.M.'s work (particularly their earlier work), and I can see what made them a good band. I still am not a fan of them, but I can at least appreciate their music.

I can't wait for the big fight this week. I really hope that Mayweather kick the shit out of De la Hoya. I could never stand De la Hoya, I mean he's a hell of a fighter, but he's too “nice” and too “pretty”, and that' show he's become a favorite of the judges. It's because of this that gives him a slight advantage and means Mayweather has to KO De la Hoya or beat him into submission, since the judges almost always side with De la Hoya, especially when the fight is in Las Vegas as it is this Sat.