by Peter Marus

First it amazes me how quickly an old pipe can cripple a city. That steam pipe explosion really did a number on Midtown, and it's still having affects on the city. Between the huge hole, the dust and the asbestos, it really shut down part of the city and the sad part is the affects won't be known until after the clean up if that crap shot in the air and into the buildings has had an affect on those in the area and the workers. It could sorta be like when 9/11 happened when months after health issues come up, but then again technology and methods learned form 9/11 may help lessen that chance

Guitar Hero is a stupid game. And those that use the guitar shaped controller look both like a tool and gay. Now they are going to sell an entire band set with drums, guitar, bass (Finally, they think of the Black man!!!-hopefully there's some real funk songs in the song list), and mic. What ever happened to learning an instrument???

Finally became a big boy and got an external hard drive to backup my laptop. Got it at the Apple Store in NYC, and that's a cool place to go to. Got a 250 gig drive, and already backed up my computer once (mad a bootable copy on the hard drive, so my macbook dies, I can boot it form the external drive and fix it). With the extra space, I've decided to start putting my music CDs on my computer. Been ripping some tonight, and eventually I'll have all the tracks I want on my computer and then when I get an Ipod (still debating on the 30 or 80 gig-waiting to see how much my music would take up), I have my library ready to go for a trip, and down the road get one of the home stereos for Ipods, then clear up room on a shelf when I get rid of my stereo.

I would like to address the anonymous poster on my blog that has been talking a lot of shit to me and my friends in comments. I don't know who you are or don't really care. The simple fact I get a reaction from someone shows that my job is done. But form some of the posts, it seems like you are a scorned chick from my past. If so, all I can say is this. Hey, you had your chance, you didn't prove yourself worthy of my time and in fact probably made me feel like I was wasting mine on you. But no hard feelings, I wish the best for you. In fact, I hope you find a guy and are able to hang out with his friends, and I hope one night they all get drunk while you all are hanging out, and your guy and his friends decided to reenact the famous scene from “the Accused” with you. Then as you are in the shower in the fetal position from shame, your man comes in and he decides to reenact the shower scene from “American History X”. So good luck to ya, and stop wishing you still had me. Sure, I am a great guy that is almost impossible to forget, but get over it, you didn't have what it takes and I didn't want to waste my time.