by Peter Marus

-The past couple days I have been walking between two buildings to work, and in the heat I noticed a lot of things. First, tramp stamps (tattoos on lower back) on chicks are hot, but on guys are GAY (I saw on when a guy lifted his shirt to wipe his face off(. Also just the wide range of hot outfits ladies wear are amazing, especially ones wearing white almost see-through skirts and tops.

-One other thing, if you are not going to wear a bra ladies, first make sure you have a set that can handle it (some chicks looked like they could break their jaws if they started running), and also wear dark colored tops. Otherwise don't give me a dirty look if the wind blows and you “react” when you got a bright color top on and it shows.

-Watch the local morning news here (especially ch. 11), and it's like soft-core porn with headlines. Want hardcore? Watch any of the Spanish language channels at any newscast.

-”Rescue Me” is still one of the best shows on TV. It has a great mix of drama and comedy, and it's compelling TV. Doesn't help that it's based in NYC so it helps there's a level of familiarity to it. On the other hand, nothing on HBO really interests me, after “The Sopranos”, they really don't have anything good. Then again “Lucky Louie” was one of their tops shows and they still show the re-run on one of their digital cable channels, but that gets canceled. David Chase's back must be killing carrying Hbo all those years.