by Peter Marus

Happy new year to all, hope you all had a god time. I did my usual, sit at home drank, played video games, and passed out. This is a new year and I am starting to get my new attitude into focus. I spent the last year re-finding myself, and after much trials and tribulations, I think I am who I am now. I just wanted to first list a couple things:

-To those who are fans of the SEC conference or the University of Tennessee-Penn State 20 Tennessee 10....bow down bitches!!!

-now another thing I learned after this past year, and this is something I should have learned MUCH MUCH earlier, but I didn't. Ladies take note of this, especially if you have any remote interest in me and have yet to show any to me. I am sick and tired of women playing “games' with guys. I don't with women since I'm usually a straight shooter with people. What I mean are women who keeps the guy on edge about where he stands, mostly because she has a line of guys who she wants to go though first before she decides, or she just gets her jollies doing this. Ladies, this is something strippers do in the club, and I hate the stripper mentality, and as far as I am concerned, women who do this are on the same level as the skanks on the pole!!! This is something all guys have gone through all their life, be it in adulthood or in 3rd or 4th grade when that skank with the pigtails is all friendly with you when you and just her are playing on the swings, but in the company of others she thinks you're dirt. I personally am done with it, and any chick that starts in with it get dropped to the side and look for another.

Why am I like this now??? Because I am tired of the compromise of myself just to try to make a woman happy. Then I learned some wisdom from a wise man who is living the life. I am going to part with this wisdom with you now:


What does this mean ladies? Simple. Don't bullshit the guy and make sure the guy is happy and this will in turn make YOU happy through the idea that the man will show appreciation to you in the form of love and loyalty. Slip up and make the man doubt anything or feel insecure about something, and be prepared to hit the bricks, toots!!! See, I looked at the past several women I have talked, dated, whatever, and I found that I was always trying to impress or please the chick. This led to unhappiness on my end, and eventually the woman wanting just friendship. Looking back, and as painful as it is looking at some of the “victims” of my stupidity, I know now what I must have to make me happy, and if a woman can't provide that to me...see ya!!!

Another thing I learned was that there was a pattern with all this: Most of the women I had these problems with were from Long Island, and were younger than 25. For now on, those who fit part of or this situation entirely are on double secret probation when I first start talking to them, and if any hint of them not making me “happy” or insecure, I'm gone. Some who read this may fit the situation now, and yes you are now under probation as far as I am concerned. So I guess you better b honest and try not to do those stupid flirty, cheese games with me or you lose out on me.

So ladies, get with the truth making and make me happy!!!