by Peter Marus

God must be telling me something. When you are about to be working, I'll make it so you don't. This week this happened again, though part of this is my choice, since it's a family-related thing. But hopefully next week it all turns out good and I can get work through this temp agency (BTW if anyone know of good agencies out there, let me know).

Well I guess the apocalypse is waiting for the Cubs or White Sox win something, since all existence hasn't ceased last night after the final out was recorded and Pedro hoisted the eye-sore of a World Series trophy over his head. It was also nice to see the Boston fans didn't go out and burn down the city....If they did, ironically Chicago and Boston would have another thing in common then. Come to think of it, wasn't the Great Chicago fire start after one of the base ball teams won the world series title??? HAHAHAhAHA

It sickens me to see the attention-whores of celebrities out there acting political. It just bothers me that they try to get their fanbase to vote for the candidate that pays for their attention, but then again it usually happens that the mindless sheep will follow the leader off a cliff just because they say so. So it doesn't shock me that some mindless people in the public will give their vote to the candidate that has their favorite celebrities. This makes them like the voters who only vote for anyone just to get the incumbent out of office, which makes then twice as ignorant and as dangerous. I bet you that these people that are blindly voting for Kerry just to get Bush out of office, would vote for Hitler if he was running instead of Kerry.

I"m also sick of these morons that are going the voting drives that want people to register and vote, but forget to mention that little detail about reading up on the candidates so they can make an INFORMED decision. My favorite pile of ignorance is "Vote or Die". This is where celebs run around like the assclowns that they are (some aren't even registered to vote on top of this) yelling VOTE OR DIE!!!! Well, ironically, isn't it our RIGHT to not to vote, just as it is to vote?? I'm still waiting for the campaign that has a picture of someone holding a .45 revolver to a cats head saying "Vote or we shoot this kitten!!!" It would make more sense than most of the BS that's gong on out there!!!!