by Peter Marus

Just throwing up some stuff out here just because I felt like writing something here.

-I am so glad Verizon doesn't charge for texts and phone calls between in network phones.. Te past few weeks could have been expensive!!!

-Lots of work this week and next week. Just means a ton of OT for me and more cash to blow on something stupid but shiny.

-Speaking of work, I need to figure out what week in August to take off. My boss keeps reminding me I got time off available and I plan on taking a week off this summer. Also have to figure out what to do on that week off, assuming I can afford it. I just spent almost a grand the past week on my cell phone bill (two phones on it-mine and my moms), and car insurance. The good thing is that my budgeting I started doing worked out that i had enough for all that and didnt' have to stress out. I'm a big boy now!!!

eh, I really got nothing, but I am sure some of you just wanted to read something.