by Peter Marus

I think I am starting to get a cold. I figured out why I may be getting sick, and I have a theory why it is happening. At my job there’s a keypad and scanner for my hand to sign in and out. Next to this is a Purell hand sanitizer. Now, the first couple days I didn’t use it and things went well. One day I start to use it and now I may be getting sick. Now I don’t use it after this. I am starting to think that the companies that make the sanitizer products are in cahoots with the drug industry to make things so clean that we get sick easier due to the lower immune system and then the drug industry can profit in making us better again.

Here’s my theory-the Purell people and the drug industry saw people healthy and that means no real money coming in. The drug industry got the Purell or the cleaning people to make their stuff strong enough to make it so out immune systems are weakened, so disease can get into us and then the drug industry can sell us the cure and make money. Don’t’ believe me? Explain all the sudden outbreaks of staph infections, and some of the old-school afflictions coming back. Not only are they coming back but even stronger, which means the drug industry has to make different drugs and then can sell them to us at a premium.

When I was a kid, I played in the dirt and mud all the time. I was a kid. I mess things up with other kids and I didn’t worry about getting sick. I myself had to worry about other things, like making sure I can see the ball coming to me when I can barely see. When I was a kid, we didn’t have to worry about allergies or getting sick from eating something we shouldn’t have to. Today, if some kids eat something that happened to be in the vicinity of a peanut and their immune systems are so piss poor due to the over protective asshats called their parents, their throats slam shut and die. It amazes me how parents freak if their kids walk off he path in the park, or if kids play baseball they are not to slide or play in anyway that would be considered “aggressive” not just to cultivate a nation of pussies, but so they may not get dirty or scraped up. Seriously parents, once a week, throw your kids into some mud or something filthy, let them play in it or sit in it for a while. Kids have to have their immune systems worked out and strengthened, especially since there are things that they could potentially contract later on that will slowly take it away from them, usually somewhere in the range of ten years.

So people get dirty, and stop cleaning yourselves with that sanitizer shit. You’ll live longer