by Peter Marus

Christ what a night....I get a IM from some broad saying some inane, racist stuff. I should have just shut the IM down and blocked her screen name, but she apologized and then showed me her site...whaddyaknow, a live cam site of her....just went to the homepage and she kept asking me what I thought of her, I said she was not bad, then she freaks and starts with the racist I told her off and blocked her screen name and reported her to AOL.....pussy move I know, but when you start using racist remarks with me, especially after having some jerkoff go all around Queens saying I shave my head because I'm a part of the Aryans, I have to draw the line. Now I admit I say some remarks, but that's ONLY when I know I can, like hanging with your friends busting balls), but I haven't used it in a mean derogatory way. And if I was a racist, would I hang out with my half Puerto Rican cousin and his Filipino wife all the time, while being cool about my other cousin married to a black dude? Along with all my friends in interracial marriages/relationships? Hey, I'm cool with whatever match in a relationship...if they make you happy, who am I to say what's right or wrong? But on the bright side, I still have my way with women!!!

I still am out of the loop with this one person I'm waiting to hear back from, getting irritated and worried. Hope I'll hear something this week

So what else is MSG/FSNY back last night, and the first thing I see is "classic" Metro against the Rapids in 96 (Gio Savarese's hat trick) and the famous playoff game against the Scum which went to the old shootout and Peter Vermes limped up and scored the winning goal to give Metro the first game in the best-of-three series. Seeing both games brought back a lot of memories, and I got pissed over both, because the crowd was hot back then, grass field at the stadium, and some decent soccer (NONE of which is at Giants Stadium now). Eventually I got upset enough to go to FSNY to see the mets/cubs game....well part of it since they were in a rain delay for a couple hours.

I got to see the Jenna Bush pics on the net...dont' think it's her, but damn!!!! at least we know now "jenna" wears a thong!!!

my head huts, I'm going to bed