by Peter Marus

I went to a picnic yesterday with some friends and family. Overall it was a nice time. I didn't get sunburned, but bit to hell by the bugs. (hack line alert!) I guess that makes me sweet. There were a few things that popped out at me this day. First, when you invite a Dominican or Puerto Rican to anything, expect them to roll in at least 8 deep with their crews. But they can cook, and I went home happy. My cousin brought some outdoor games to the picnic, and most played with them. This surprised me since I was expecting they would have left those games alone and played the traditional games they play like dominos and/or dice. Speaking of which, I was informed a proper Bocce set was acquired for the Lake George trip, so I will have to explain to those who are at the house that this is a game where stabbing other players due to accusations of cheating or anger is not allowed, unlike how I've seen said dominos or dice game end.

I also got to see a new Iphone 3g in person at this picnic. It looks sweet, and I want one. I'm hoping this September to get one, but I'll even take a first generation Iphone since I didn't think that was a bad phone either. I already have plans to put my family plan into two different plans so I can keep my number.

I will say this: this picnic did show me that there is still family and the love and ideals of what a family should be still exist. Some of it may not be the most orthodox, but in this society where some take parenting like a joke or they have kids just because it's a mealticket to be a parasite off of the government, its still nice to see that the basic idea of family is still around.

Oh yeah, I mentioned my theory on how the country works, which I will write in detail maybe tomorrow, and for some reason, most people think I am batshit crazy. I guess the ignorant are afraid of the ultimate truths in this world. Most can't live or think the way of the righteous like me, which I will go into detail one day as well.

Most of these people I will be in a house upstate for a's going to be a hell of a time and I can't wait.

On a side note. I am glad that no matter how dark my life gets, there are the truly stupid and pathetic that still carry a torch for me that will light the way....away from them, but I will have a light to see where I will not be going to again. I get it, you wish I was still around, but you blew your opportunity with me so move on.

Finally, since I left my last entry with some bad white rap, I thought I would put some finer quality white rap here to even things out.

First, The Beastie Boys:

House of Pain:

and for the hell of it, The Young Black Teenagers: