by Peter Marus

I spent part of the weekend watching the NFL combine. It's probably the worst thing to watch. Actually it's good for one thing: i took a good nap having it on. It was good to watch for about 20 minutes, where I was thinking "interesting to see what they actually do at this thing", but that wears out quickly. I don't understand how these things can really evaluate if a guy is a good pro or not. I think there is a much better way to see who's a pro and who's not. You split the invites into a bunch f teams and have them play several games under inter-squad rules (no hard tackles, no tackling the QB, but a sack is either a two hand tag or you wrap your arms around him, etc.). Have the offenses and defenses use the most common NFL plays form a common playbook made for the combine. First off it would show players in game situations, where the game sort of means something. Second it would be something interesting to watch. I understand the NFl Network needs to have content for their network, but the current combine setup is unwatchable, and whoever really enjoys the current setup should seriously consider putting the barrel of a shotgun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

On the other side of the spectrum, I lobe the NHL network, especially their "NHL on the fly". It's a program where they analyze the news of the day, look at the games that day, and then have highlights and look-ins to games. it's a great show and really informative. MLB network is also going to have a show like this, and I can't wait. After seeing these networks, I have no real use for "Sportscenter" anymore.

I heard and read something interesting the other week. It seems Limp Bizkit is getting back together. I used to like their music, and some of it I still do, but most of their work just doesn't hold up over time. I still enjoy their first album, and most of their second album, but beyond that their work sounds like garbage now. THey are a bad who had their run, but in the end the entire music world shifted and they were left behind. I'll give them that they did try to change. but it didn't work. Then again they were part of the last great hard rock wave, which is probably going to be the last one, given what the toilet of rock radio looks like now. That's even if rock radio even remains after this year, since most rock stations are dying off. It's sad and frustrating where what is considered rock these days is just pop that isn't as "cleaned up". What is considered rebellious and or edgy is so calculated and/or edited and coddled that it comes off pathetic.

some here said that I shouldn't feel old, but being someone who has looked and studied the media in general, i really do feel like a dinosaur and part of me hopes this really is the end times. If everything ended now, then I don't have to endure a generation of pantywastes being raised now that won't and will not stand up for what they want and actually have a set to be someone, and not part of the collective sludge that is being bred these days. Music reflects the world it is created in, and so far the world the music is about being pussies, and not chasing it.

in fact, seeing how some of these morons handle life now shows me that this country is fucked on so many levels. Look at your job and you can see who are the ones who worked to earn where they were, and who were given what they have and feel entitled to it and more. More and more it's the latter in the work force and it frightens me. it frightens me that this is what garbage is going to run this world, and probably run it into the ground.

What can I do? I"m just going to go through this world doing what I do, and if it pisses these people off, good. Hope their stress and anxiety and the overdramatic bullshit leads them to have massive heart attacks and strokes. It's said that the goal of a generation is to leave the world a better place for the next, and if my grandfather and father saw the world I have to deal with, they and those of their generation couldn't help but feel like they failed. That to me is sad and enraging. If you feel like I do, I suggest you all go to the people you know form the previous generation(parents, aunts and uncles, etc.) and tell them that what they taught you will not be forgotten, and you will teach the next generation these values and how to be "right", no matter how much the shitstain of society tells you what you are doing is wrong.