by Peter Marus

I"m really getting bothered by the Liberals out there. Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama fails, and now everyone and their other is bitching and moaning about how this is counter-productive and anti-American. Funny, when these ass-hats were bashing Bush, somehow it wasn't anti-American, and they were using THEIR free speech. Now they want to in short shut down Rush and make him apologize for HIM using his right of FREE FUCKING SPEECH!!! It's one thing if he hoped Obama was killed or harmed, that's flat out illegal (which the Post should be brought up on charges for if you think about it with their comic), but Rush just said he doesn't agree with Obama's plans and hopes he doesn't succeed. How is that wrong? Shame, the Liberals are more close-minded and more the Fascists in this country.

i love the media, but when it comes to subjects like this, it makes me angry that only one side is shown, and it's usually some ill-informed, ignorant crybaby that gets media attention. I was watching MSNBC since I was stuck home for a short while, and there's this dumb piece of garbage named Mika Brzezinski. this unsexy whore has no business in media, since she has proven that she must have failed journalism 101. She sits there, talks over EVERYONE on the show, editorialize after every story....NO ONE GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK, YOU DUMB WHORE!!! and she just sucks on the air. Her voice have me a headache, and she tries to be hot but in that desperate-to-get-laid-at-60 way.

This isn't just her in the media, and female anchor is just as bad. Wanna know how they got their jobs?? look for the white residue on the corner of their mouths. Morning news has gone with the hot sluts to do traffic and weather, but they are the news skanks-the next generation. I want to learn Spanish since the Spanish stations got it right-Hot chicks who seem to know what they hell they are doing. seriously, it's like watching a porno with headlines when you watch Spanish television.

Finally, someone I know has an AIM away message that is a lyric form a song. I think it is "divas is just a female hustler", or something to that effect. In reality "Diva" is nothing more than a nice way to call a woman the C-word. Think about it and how the word is usually used, and you'll see that I am right. Of course the brainless morons puts the word on little girls clothes and that just perpetuates the materialistic "brand names or nothing", gold-digging mentality that some women believe in.

OK, the "Pete's bitter about women" remarks should start in 3...2...1....