by Peter Marus

As I start to write this, it is Tuesday night of my vacation. I figured I would start writing this now, and when I get home edit it into multiple parts so it’s a little more digestible. This is part one.

Saturday after a few delays, mostly gastrointestinal of the driver and his wife, we make our way up to Lake George. Throughout the trip, we made it up I-87 looking for an arbys along the way (the co-pilot’s pregnancy apparently cause the yearning of the fast food joint). We eventually didn’t find one, but saw many Suzuki Outbacks, which I am told is the “in” car in upstate NY and Vermont).

We get to the town of Lake George and it is a beautiful town, the first thing I though seeing the town was “the Poconos”. What I mean is that I think the seasonal towns like Lake George and the Poconos tend to look alike, since in general they do the same thing and their economies-tourism and the halo affect form the other attractions in the region-are almost identical. We eat lunch and then get to the house. The house is any typical renal house, or if you were a real Irish Catholic-multiple bedrooms that look like barracks.

After settling in, the rest of the crew arrives. In total I think 11 people showed up, so it was a full house. We go shopping and like anytime there are several people involved, it’s a complete mess. After the shopping is done, we eat and then just hang out.

The next day, we start with breakfast and after some time hanging out, the girls went out for the beach and preparation for the surprise birthday for a friend. The men hung around he house, went to the sporting goods store to get bb guns. Upon arrival back to the house, it somehow turned into “sexy time”, where all the guys hung around the dock by the house shooting bb guns and swimming. One or two bbs just happened to hit others in the house, but overall it was harmless fun. We also later that day went looking into renting scooters. After some haggling and waiting, that night we returned with six scooters so we can ride around the town. A couple of the guys were finding excuses to go for rides into town, and the rest of the night was movies, a creepy birthday gift that involved one man dresses as a female midget porn star, balloons, and chicken mcnuggets. After the celebrations, which involved a nice cake, most watched some movie that involved Ashton Kutcher. Rather subject to that torture, I went to sleep.

Tomorrow, part 2-Labor day and why I am glad I had protection.