by Peter Marus

Got my room rearrainged this afternoon. Things went well, other than the fact that I didn't measure right, but in the end I got things where they work. As my family says "it'll fit, no matter how much damage to everything around it we have to do!!!"

I'm sick of waiting...but I"m giving things abother week to change....

I don't know how to feel about Malcom Glazer buying my team, Man U. (my team in that I have shares in it). He is going to take the club private and control it outright, but it means the team will have almost 550 milion in debts, and in the economic climate of soccer in Europe, it's no guarentee that the money will be made back. Chelsea went through the same thing recently and just destroyed the EPL this season, and made it deep ionto the Champions League and FA Cup(semis for both), so I'll have to hold judgement on all this.