by Peter Marus

What's up???

Not much new going on here. Just glad the Pats won over the Eagles last night (wasn't really rooting for them, but as a Giants fan I can't root for a direct rival in the division). Other than that, redid my resume, trying to make it more interesting. I may even post it here and maybe someone may happen to see it and I get a nice job out of it...then again, ski season may start in Hell at the same time!!!!

I also got an editorial posted on Big ups to Dan R. who runs the best damn fan run, all-Metro site on the net for letting me do one and posting it. It's not much, just something about how the team is rebuilding (again), and some other ramblings. I have no idea if I will do more, depends on how the first one goes over, and i'm taking it from there.