by Peter Marus

Over the past couple days, MSN has been really pissing me off. I have bee having trouble sending messages to people. For example. I sent 3 different emails to one person, and they claim to only get one of them (also had a couple other say they never got emails from me). It may have something to do with the fact I am checking and sending my mail through Apple's mail program, and that required a special add on to make it check my MSN account. I did send a couple emails though their piece of shit website, but that takes almost forever and it has nothing to really offer that Mail has. Plus I like the convenience of using Mail, rather than going through a website. So I have been debating getting a Gmail account. I still would have to keep my MSN account, since it's the master account and my sister has her MSN account. It would be like how the Verizon account I have works to, but I never use that since it was just setup for the DSL account. If anyone has any advice as far as my situation is, or any experience doing what I am thinking of doing, please leave a comment or IM me. I may keep the MSN as a “spam” account, where I use that for shady websites.

Did you see the video of the cop with the mouthy drunk chick? I laughed my ass off when I saw it and the pics of the chick after. What happened is this drunk whore was mouthy and resisting the cop in the police station. it was being taped probably for court as far as her questioning. Well she was being an ass, and really giving the cop lip and not obeying the cop. Suddenly, the video is stopped, and when the tape starts up again, the chick is on the floor in a pool of blood, and a couple other cops took her out of the room. In the news report they showed her with two black eyes, and apparently she had some busted teeth and facial bones. Part of me was glad to see this. it's nice to see that there are still cops with balls, not afraid to tune a crook up for giving an attitude. Though it did sorta suck it was a chick that happened to, but at the same time seeing how she acted, it is sorta justified.

Then again there was the other video that got me angry. it's the one where the three black security guys flipping over a crippled white guys in his wheelchair. Now this won't be in the news for much longer, because it's whitey getting his form the black man, which is justified for some reason. but if the races were reversed, the shitstorm that racial ambulance chaser Sharpton would have raised the hate crime charges would be thrown around. Hope you liberal douches who wanted the world like this is happy with the double standards you jerkoffs brought about with all your bitching and moaning.

Not much here tonight, but I figure I'd write something to see if some nugget would come out.