by Peter Marus

Walking home from work today made me think about a couple things. First, I live in a city of 8 million people, and in adding the surrounding suburbs it's probably a total of about 10-12 million people total. The state of NY has about 19-20 million people total. So you see a lot of taxpayer money that runs the state comes form this area. Now the City and MTA would like some of that money put back into the mass transit system, not only to make sure the system is running properly, but also to help move forward the “green” program the City wants to start in order to improve the environment and air quality. Now the only issue is that the State won't give back money to the people who the state depends on to run the state. In other words, the State prefers to piss their money away on other non-infrastructure programs to appease some hayseed and rube in East Bumfuck, NY rather than help keep the cash cow in the southeast of the state. The most insulting part of the problem is the glorified boy scout, who is only in the office since he was the only guy who really ran for the office, is always preaching about fairness, but he has done nothing to ensure the City gets it's fair share.

Another thing is not as serious or groundbreaking, but what is up with the Latin chicks? it seems they are either some of the most beautiful chicks in the world, or are 4 foot tall trolls, with almost no in-between. I live in an area of the city full of both, and sometimes I enjoy my walks along Roosevelt Avenue, sometimes it's not so nice. I also do notice latin chicks are quite the fertile bunch. Can't really dispute that the Hispanic community is growing so quickly and will in the not too distant future they will be a real big player in the US, much more than they are now. Should prove to be some interesting times not to long for now.

Also after reading the sports section the past several days, I still think an team dumb enough to sign A-Rod is telling their fanbase “ Hay, we feel like pissing away tens of millions of dollars while throwing away any hope of a title. Sure we may look good in the regular season, but when it counts we will just crash and burn. Don't worry in 7 years after the albatross is gone, we'll kick ass.” I still say if the Mets do sign the assclown, they will not have me as a fan anymore, that's how much I HATE A-Rod.