by Peter Marus

I am SO for the same-sex marriage bill passing, mostly because of my new position can lead me to making some good cash. I showed some people the credentials I have, and most of the reaction is disbelief or just humor. But anyway, I am happy with my choice, and I hope to make others happy through my work.

Ok, now to the main thing I was thinking of tonight. I was looking around the Internet tonight and watching some old wrestling clips on Youtube. Along with this I was looking around my Itunes collection seeing what I should put on my Iphone. What made me think about is what music gives you goosebumps, and just energizes you. Think about what songs comes on your radio or Ipod that just gets you going and "up". Here's some examples I have. One thing I will say is that some come from my watching of ECW, which did link music to the wrestlers, but there are others.

"Walk" by Pantera-the first 30 seconds of this song is my ringtone on my phone. I really first heard it form wrestling when it was the entrance music for Rob Van Dam. This song would hit and the crowd would EXPLODE, and would sing with the hook of the song. To this day, I hear it and my skin gets goosebumps, and I almost have a need to point o my back with my thumbs for some reason. Even on it's own it's an awesome song that can get one's blood pumping.

"Enter Sandman" by Metalica-buildup of the song form the start to when it really kicks in is really done. It's also one of the last great songs by the band. Also Google "Sandman entrance", and you'll see how a song should be used for a wrestler.

"Blind" by Korn-Again, the build up for the song is well done. It gets a crowd really jumping when it kicks in, and the best visual of this is video of the crowd from the last Woodstock.

"KIng Nothing" by Metallica-Just like "Enter Sandman", it starts off simple and builds up to a really awesome rock song. The video is also pretty good as well

"Natural Born Killaz" by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre-I liked this song before the wrestler New Jack used it as his music (which is played through his entire matches). Not exaclty a kids-friendly song, but the overall song is just put together well.

I have a bunch of others, but I would be writing all night.

just filling space and time here folks, had to write about something no matter how dumb it was. I have to force to write more to make myself a better writer.