by Peter Marus

Seeing it was requested, I”ll chat about Saturday night. It was a friend's daughter's birthday and it was held at Dave and Buster's in Times Square. Getting there was fun in itself. I took the train to my cousin's place to meet up, but the trains were all screwed up. I took the express train to the stop after his, and figured Id jump on the local train going the other way one stop. I get the express, and I”m waiting for the local.....for 20 mins. After said 20, due to a problem at another part of the line, the trains were delayed and it would be another 10-15 mins. I was pissed, so I chose to walk from the station I was at to my cousins. I call him to say what's up, he says he'll meet me by his station, and I start walking. It was about 7-8 blocks, and I got there before my cousin, who's place is a block from the station we were going to meet at. I'm waiting for him and 5 mins later, he and his wife arrive. Sure enough we go into the station to get the local into the city, and the TRAIN ARRIVES in less than a minute!!!

So we get to the D&B, and no one is there yet. So my cousin, his wife, and I start drinking. we get the tall glasses of beer and after 2 I'm buzzed as hell. Eventually, the group of the birthday girl and the other arrive (in their defense, they are Latino, so 15 mins late is actually on time for them). Also at this point got some financial matters settled, and like Erik B and Rakim, I am paid in full for this summer. After some time at the bar and more drinking, it's dinner time. We sit at dinner, and the father of the daughter had a couple drinks and started ratting my other friends to their mother who was there as well. It was an interesting moment, where the guy showed as much emotion as a psychopath does in their confessions of killing a bunch of people. The good news was I wasn't involved in this, so it was funny to me. Afterwords, we left the place, split up and went home. Well I crashed at my cousin's that night. One thing that stood out to me that was sorta creepy. It was supposed to be a kids party, but like 3 kids were there and the rest were adults who sat there drinking.

Those who are reading this and thinking this is a half-assed recount of the night, well tough. I”m sorta distracted talking to people who require more focus than this entry.