by Peter Marus

My thing Northpointe Personnel went well. This was the first time in a while since I had to take the PATH train. I gotta say, I wish the MTA ran their trains system like the PATH. It’s clean, the stations don’t’ look and smell like a public restroom, and it’s just a nicer looking setup. They have a cool thing where ads are on the walls of the tunnels, and are made so they are like a flipbook. Scared the hell out of me the first time, seeing a guy driving staring at me, but it was an ad for a Nissan I think. It’s a cool thing to see. I was tested at this agency for all Office programs, and I did surprisingly well all of them. Word and Excel I did well, and on Access and PowerPoint (two programs I haven’t’ used in over a year), I got over 70 on them. Like most agencies they are impressed with my resume and seem optimistic they can get something for me. Yesterday, a recruiting firm called me and sent me an application about then helping me find a job. They seem legit and I have a phone interview with them this Monday (they are based in Ca., but they have offices all over the US). Here is a list of the agencies I’m registered with:

Career Blazers
Supporting Cast
Northpointe Personnel

I also have to find the other agencies I was registered with in the past, but forgot who they were!!! If anyone has any info about these agencies I listed that could help me, I would appreciate it

What a lazy day today. I really didn’t’ do much, I was awoken by the USPS guy this morning at 8 with my sister’s copy of “Harry Potter.” After my breakfast, I decided to try to install the antenna to my Roady2. I got it on, but it’s not the cleanest install. I have pics of how I did it, where I had to run the wire from the antenna on the roof around the windshield under the weather stripping, along a small channel where the fender and roof panels meet, down the doorstop, through the door’s weather stripping, and into the car. Once it was in the car, I ran it under the kickguard, then under my seat, along the center console and up to where the receiver will be (on one of the front vents). All that is needed now is for me to activate the receiver and get the home kit (hope to have that done by the end of next week.

sorry for the shitty pic, but it’s off my phone.

I’ve also been playing around with my Mozilla Firefox. It’s a sweet web browser with more security things than IE, and I also like that I can have it set up to update and let me know when some sites are updated with info (like ones with RSS feeds, blogs, some news sites). I’ve been converting some of my bookmarks to this option, and it works well. Makes looking at other’s blogs easier, since I can see if anyone updated their stuff